Alles Zufall oder? Ein Diskussionsbeitrag zur Qualität von face to face-Umfragen in Deutschland.

English title: Everything by chance or? A discussion article concerning the quality of face-to-face surveys in Germany

Author(s): Peter Mohler - Achim Koch - Siegfried Gabler -

Language: German

Type: Journal article

Year: 2003


For a long time, ZUMA has been participating in the public discussion on the quality of survey research in Germany, according to various symposia. This discussion became urgent because, in Germany, quality-oriented surveys are now hardly able to achieve an exploitation rate of more than 50%. The often-mentioned reasons for the decline in the rate of exploitation - such as the increased accessibility of the target population (for example, the increase in women's employment rates, the increase in single-person households, etc.) or a worsened "survey climate" - can only partially explain the poor results. The fact is that in other European countries, such as Denmark or Sweden, strictly controlled surveys also reach the 60% mark. Thus, if neither the unwilling citizens (Survey Climate) nor the improved controls (such as the registry samples used in ALLBUS) are sufficient reasons for the poor results in Germany, there must be other reasons. The authors' experiences with the ALLBUS and other studies point to an explanation of the form of the production process of survey research itself as a central, so far neglected factor.

Volume: 27

Issue: 53

From page no: 10

To page no: 15



Journal: ZUMA-Nachrichten

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