Kein schöner Land? Glück und Zufriedenheit deutscher Aus- und Rückwanderer

English title: Nowhere Better Than Here? The Subjective Well- Being of German Emigrants and Remigrants.

Author(s): M. Erlinghagen -

Language: German

Type: Journal article

Year: 2011


The paper investigates in the question if and how the subjective wellbeing (SWB) of German emigrants, German non-migrants, and German remigrants differ. Based on regression analyses of data from the European Social Survey (ESS) the analyses focus on life satisfaction and happiness as main indicators of SWB. It turns out that German emigrants show increased SWB compared to German nonmigrants or remigrants. However, these fi ndings cannot be explained by differences in the socio-economic or socio-demographic group structure. In fact, the increased SWB of emigrants is much more an effect of psychosocial differences and differences in the individual evaluation of household income.

Volume: 36

Issue: 4

From page no: 899

To page no: 926

Refereed: Yes

DOI: 10.4232/10.CPOS-2011-15EN

Journal: Comparative Population Studies

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