Konfrontace hodnot v pozdní modernitě: Česko a Hlučínsko v evropském kontextu

English title: The Confrontation of Values in Late Modernity: The Czech Republic and Hlucín Region in the European Context

Author(s): František Zich - Petra Anýžová - Petr Matějů - Helena Kubátová - František Znebejánek - Ondřej Roubal -

Language: Czech

Type: Book (monograph)



The book by the author’s collective follows on from a monograph by H. Kubátová and collective entitled Intergenerational transformations in the way of life in the Hlucín Region [2015]. The goal of this sociological study has been to clarify the effects of modernisation and globalisation trends on the value orientation, standards and key aspects of the way of life which are often the subject of only theoretical considerations with a relatively weak link to the real processes of social change at various levels. This monograph documents the complicated nature and ambivalence of the modernisation processes using data from representative quantitative research carried out in the Czech Republic and in the Hlucín Region (2014) and furthermore using the data from two significant international surveys (the 2012 European Social Survey and the 2008 European Values Study). Of the many theoretical concepts which concern themselves with the area of values, we have used S. H. Schwartz’ theory of basic human values, which understands values as the motivational basis for people’s attitudes and actions. Placing the issue in a European context by means of quantitative research not only enables the supplementation of the knowledge gained using the qualitative method, but in particular enables us to more deeply comprehend the role of regional communities in the course of modernisation and globalisation trends. Thanks to a comparison of the value orientation, the social capital, the regional identity and other aspects of the lives of the inhabitants of the Hlucín Region and the Czech population at various levels (national, European, regional, historical, intergenerational and so on) realised with the use of modern analytical procedures (structural modelling, regressive analysis, cluster analysis and so on) it has been possible to penetrate into the deeper structures of the reproduction of the uniqueness of the contemporary Hlucín communality. This access to the measurement of values enables subsequent good predictions of the differences in important aspects of the way of life, which we have focussed on in the chapters on the family, religiosity, social identity and social capital. We have demonstrated the regional aspects of changes in values and the way of life using the results of more than two years of research into the local community in the Hlucín Region.

City: Prague

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9788074192418

Number of pages: 302

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