Srovnatelnost postojových škál v komparativním výzkumu.

English title: The Equivalence of Attitude Scales in Comparative Survey

Author(s): Petra Anýžová -

Language: Czech

Type: Book (monograph)



The development of comparative social surveys has been increasing in the last decades. Currently, it shows that their one of the most important quality aspects is data equivalence. Unfortunately, social scientists still analyse data without realising the levels of data comparability. This study introduces the issue of data equivalence in detail and outlines the portfolio of statistical techniques which are typically used for testing the level of scales comparability. In the second part of study structural modelling is introduced as more technically advanced method for the evaluation of social capital and political disaffection attitude scales equivalence. There are universal recommendations for substantive comparative work options suitable for dealing with these attitude scales suggested and instruction for own use of this technique is carried out as well.

City: Olomouc

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9788024444475

Number of pages: 260

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