Global Governance und der Global Marshall Plan. Strategien, Kritik und Analyse

English title: Global Governance ant the Global MArshall Plan. Strategies, Review and Analysis

Author(s): F.J Huber -

Language: German

Type: Book (monograph)



The concept of Global Governance could be a possible solution for the problems, which are caused by the globalisation. Beside of states, United Nations and the world economy, also the civil society should be involved in this process. The Global Marshall Plan tries to establish a global ecosocial economy through a Global Governance Model. Is the organisation behinf the Global Marshall Plan strong enough for this task? What are the general results of interventions by the civil society? What is the opinion of the polulation? The author gives an overview of strategies and reviews of the Global Governance concept, illustrates the goals of the Global Marshall Plan, analyzes the organisation and the opinion of the Austrian population (Data: ESS 2002/03, method: Factoranalyses).

City: Saarbrücken

Edition: 0

ISBN: 3836409453

Number of pages: 0

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