Generation 55plus: Lebensqualität und Zukunftsplanung

English title: Generation 55plus: Quality of life and planning for future

Author(s): Baldo Blinkert -

Language: German

Type: Book (monograph)



The demographic change is connected with a considerable social, cultural and economic change. Within this context the project "active aging" has been founded as a communal network. By this project a survey has been conducted in 6 regions of Germany with a sample of more than 10.000 people 55 and older. The research tries to answer two questions: Under what conditions is "active aging" possible? What are the uncertainties and insecurities with which older people are confronted? In the survey several questions and items from the ESS have been used in order to have the possibility to make comparisons with a representative survey.

City: Berlin

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9783643135674

Number of pages: 296

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