Response based quality assessment in the ESS - Round 2: ann update for 26 countries

English title: Response based quality assessment in the ESS - Round 2: ann update for 26 countries

Author(s): Jaak Billiet - Stefaan Pleysier -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2007


In order to achieve and maintain the high methodological standards the ESS has adopted, one must continue to assess its documents, procedures and practices. This report serves to examine the quality of the obtained responses in the second ESS Round, and conclusions are drawn concerning measures that can be taken to mitigate a number of problems in cross-national studies. The non-response, non-contact and refusal rates of a survey are generally considered to be a major - or the major - quality criterion. Therefore, amongst the standards ESS has set out, one essential feature is the need to achieve high response rates in all participating countries. In this report, the quality of the response will be tested by means of several measures: achieved response, non-contact and refusal rates, contact procedures and efforts, and refusal conversion efforts. For the first time, also comparison over time could be made with the contact results of the first ESS Round. The problems that arose with the national contact data were meticulously reported.

Edition: 0

Institution: Centre for Sociological Research (CeSO)

Number of pages: 64

Number: 1

Series: Working paper Centre for Sociological Research (CeSO) - Survey Methodology

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