Kennismaken met SPSS en SAS

English title: An introduction to SPSS and SAS

Author(s): D. Mortelmans - B. Dehertogh -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2006


The first volume of the new series "Start with statistics and social research" gives a general overview of two basic statistical programs, dominant in the social scientific research: SPSS and SAS. The reader not only learns the program-interface or the basic use of the program. Special attention goes to the underlying framework of the programmers and the way they look at social research and research data. The volume focuses on the use of the program-specific syntax, in combination with the Windows interface of SPSS and SAS. Using the European Social Survey, the first basic steps of a research project are treated: input of data and first exploration of new data. Next to the focus on data files, special attention goes to the proper definition of variables. A good basic lay-out of the data file saves time in later, more sophisticated phases of a research project when multivariate techniques are used. Thirdly, the reader gets an extensive overview of possibilities to export their data from SPSS and SAS to other formats being used by other statisistical programs (comma separated files, correlation matrices or frequency tables).

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Anthology: Start with statistics and social research

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