English title: The Different Levels of Discrimination, experienced by First and Second Generation Immigrants from Different Countries of Origin in the different EU member-states.

Author(s): Stéfanie André - Jaap Dronkers - F. Fleischmann -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2008


Drawing on 71593 respondents of the second and third wave of the European Social Survey, we analyse the different levels of discrimination experienced by 7034 immigrants from 177 different countries of origin in 14 EU countries. In addition to testing the effects of individual factors, such as (parental) education, religion, and occupation, we estimate the effects of macro characteristics of both origin and destination countries. Next to individual, origin and destination variables we use community variables as community size in the destination country, cultural, social-economic and religious distance of the immigrant community to the receiving country. The most variance in perceived discrimination is found on the individual and origin level. Perceived discrimination in the countries of destination do not differ significantly, also the community level did not vary and only the social-economic distance reduced variance. At country of origin level the most important finding is that the lack of social-economic development, next to Islamic prevalence in the origin country increase the level of perceived discrimination. The individual characteristics like citizenship, Islamic religion, speaking a minority language at home and unemployment influenced the level of perceived discrimination.

Conference name: RC28 Spring 2008 conference

Location: Florence

Start date: May 15, 2008

Type: Paper

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