English title: Anti-politics in action? Do European protesters hate formal politics more or less than the general public?

Author(s): Clare Saunders -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


There has been much talk, and even some concern, about disaffection in democracies (Dalton 2008, Torcal 2003). Especially across Western industrialised nations, citizens appear to express worrying levels of disengagement from formal political institutions. In particular, many scholars have documented low levels of satisfaction with and trust in governments, politicians and political parties (Listhaug and Wiberg 1995). In the UK, for example, only two in every ten people have trusted politicians to tell the truth since the 1970s (Hay et al 2008). This has been accompanied by a loss of partisanship in political parties (Whiteley 2009), reduced party campaigning (Scarrow 2007) and declining electoral turnouts (Blais 2007). In the UK, for example, electoral turnout for general elections was as high as 83.9% in 1950, but had reduced to 59.4% by 2001 (Stoker 2011: 33).

Conference name: PSA (Political Studies Association) Panel on Anti-Politics and Apathy

Location: Cardiff

Start date: Mar 26, 2013

Type: Paper

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