English title: Access to a degree in Europe: Inequality in tertiary education attainment 1950-2011

Author(s): Jan Koucký - Aleš Bartušek -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2013


Inequality in access to, and attainment of, tertiary education, and particularly how it has been affected by a massive growth of student numbers in last decades, is one of major points of interest. Unfortunately, large international surveys focused directly on it are rather scarce. Yet it is possible to analyse the changing levels of inequity across European countries during past sixty years by using data gathered by surveys conducted on other themes, namely by European Social Surveys (ESS). This approach has been used in a study by the Education Policy Centre, Charles University in Prague (EPC). An article just put on the EPC web summarises its results, analysing basic patterns of the transmission of inequality, its changing levels and its relationship to the expansion of tertiary education.

Edition: 0

Institution: Charles University Prague, Faculty of Education

Number of pages: 23

Number: 0


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