English title: Local Experiences with Unemployment and Perceptions of the National Economy

Author(s): Kim Mannermar Sønderskov - Martin Bisgaard Christiansen -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2013


While a great deal of evidence has been generated regarding the impact of national economic perceptions on vote choice, little work has sought to explain where these perceptions come from. Here, recent work suggests that voters draw on information from their local neighborhoods, such as the number of unemployed people, fuel prices or home foreclosures, when forming perceptions of national economic conditions. To date, however, very little evidence exists that voters actually do infer national economic conditions from what they observe in their immediate surroundings. In this paper, we utilize a unique set of measures tapping the proportion of unemployed people living within radii of 80–2500 meters of where the respondent resides. As findings show, the local unemployment rate within radii of up to 750 meters significantly influences a respondents’ perception of national economic conditions whereas unemployment rates at greater radii do not. Thus, this paper provides evidence that the theoretical mechanism stipulated in extant work is in fact valid.

Edition: 0

Institution: Aarhus University

Number of pages: 12

Number: 0

Series: Annual Meeting of the Danish Political Science Association

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