Sosiaalinen pääoma, elämäntilanne ja sosiodemografiset tekijät: käyttökelpoisia elämänlaadun ja hyvinvoinnin jäsennysperusteita?

English title: Social Capital, Life-Situation and Socio-Demographics - Useful Predictors for Quality of Life and Well-Being

Author(s): Antti Kouvo - Pekka Räsänen -

Language: Finnish

Type: Journal article

Year: 2005


The question of "good life" has been present already in the writings of classical social thinkers. However, systematic use of such concepts as quality of life & well-being/welfare is relatively young. The same thing concerns the empirical study of subjective well-being. Since the 1950's, there have been competing traditions emphasizing different aspects of quality of life. Recently, social dimension of well-being has gained attention in the study of social capital. The study aims to answer the question over the foundations of quality of life both theoretically & empirically. First, the article distinguishes between explanations emphasizing socio-psychological, economic & ecological factors. After that, in the empirical analyses it is suggested that different explanatory levels are required when explaining quality of life. Analyses are based on Finnish section of the European Social Survey (ESS 2003) (N = 2,000). Both self-reported satisfaction with life & feeling of happiness can be explained relatively well by social networks, but also health & traditional socio-demographic factors are significant determinants of subjective well-being. 4 Tables, 1 Appendix, 41 References. Adapted from the source document.

Volume: 13

Issue: 1

From page no: 21

To page no: 38

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Janus

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