English title: State crime: the European experience

Author(s): Susanne Karstedt -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


States are both the guardians of laws and rights, and simultaneously the behemoth against which rights and laws need to be defended. This offers the opportunities for states, governments and their agents to commit the most atrocious crimes. This paradox defines the problem of controlling and preventing state crime. How can states and governments police themselves and their agents, and how are governments made accountable to citizens, and sovereign states and their representatives by the international community or other sovereign states? How are states and their agents made accountable for the crimes committed and brought to justice, if they have the power to grant amnesties, and ensure impunity for high- as well as low-ranking perpetrators of major crimes?

From page no: 125

To page no: 153

Anthology: The Routledge handbook of European criminology

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