English title: How Family Policies Affect Women’s Formation Of Domestic Unions - And Why It Matters For Fertility

Author(s): Andrej Kokkonen -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


This chapter explores a previously overlooked causal path in which policies could affect fertility, namely, by affecting the likelihood of women living in domestic unions (hereafter referred to as "unions"). Today, relatively few children are born outside unions in Europe. Policies that increase the likelihood of women living in unions are, as a result, likely to increase fertility. In this chapter it is argued that family policies - and especially dual-earner policies - do so, because they reduce the costs of reproduction that follow in the wake of women's increased earning opportunities in the labor market.

From page no: 225

To page no: 247

Anthology: Ageing populations in post-industrial democracies: Comparative studies of policies and politics

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