English title: New Tools for Complex Surveys: the DASISH Questionnaire Design Documentation Tool and Question Variable Data Base

Author(s): Hilde Orten - Håvard Bakkmoen - Yvette Prestage - Sally Widdop -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


Two new tools to enhance the process of documenting questionnaire design and development and survey variables are currently being developed under the Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities (DASISH) project. The primary aim of the questionnaire design documentation tool (QDDT) and the question variable data base (QVDB) is to assist large-scale survey projects in the processes related to questionnaire design and development, as well as in data and metadata production, archiving and dissemination. Secondly, the tools aim to serve researchers and students in exploring metadata from existing projects, or in designing new research. Initially planned for the European Social Survey (ESS), which is a complex international biennial cross-sectional survey, the tools will also be designed to serve other projects, to interoperate with other systems and tools, and to act as reusable models for other tools. Both the QDDT and QVDB tools will be modelled based on DDI-Lifecycle. This presentation gives an introduction to each of the two tools, touching on purposes, usages, requirements and system models. The main focus will be on how we work with DDI at a conceptual level, as well as on the planned usage of DDI elements that are new in DDI 3.2 (public review version).

Conference name: EDDI13 – 5th Annual European DDI User Conference

Location: Paris

Start date: Dec 3, 2013

Type: Paper

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