English title: Income Inequality, Wealth, and Trust in the Police – Slovenia vs. Europe

Author(s): Miran Mitar - Slavko Kurdija - Branko Ažman -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2012


Purpose The paper explores similarities and differences in the levels of inequality, wealth and trust in the police between Slovenia and other European countries. Design/Methods/Approach The paper reviews the basic insights into the relationships between inequality, wealth and trust in the police. Comparisons of similarities and differences among European countries are made by way of different multivariate methods applied on the data on trust in the police taken from ESS Round 5 - Module Title: Trust in police and The Criminal Courts: A Comparative European Analysis, as well as on the data on wealth and income inequality taken from Human Development Reports and other sources. Findings Different levels of wealth and income inequality are correlated with levels of trust in the police, allowing for tentative explanations of a peculiar situation in Slovenia as compared with some other European countries.

From page no: 17

To page no: 40

Anthology: Contemporary criminal justice practice and research conference proceedings

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