English title: A Comparative Analysis of the Effect of the Current Economic Crisis on Levels and Stratification of Political Participation in Europe

Author(s): Anna Kern - Sofie Marien - Marc Hooghe -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


In this article we examine the effect of economic recession on the levels and the stratification of political participation in Europe. Using data from the European Social Survey (2002-2010) and the Worldbank we show that the current economic crisis affected institutionalised and noninstitutionalised forms of political participation in a different way: The levels of institutionalised political participation remain stable and its stratification along the lines of socio-economic status is not affected by the financial and economic crisis. In contrast to this, we find that economic hardship increases non-institutionalised forms of political participation. Moreover, the crisis also influences the stratification of non-institutionalised political participation: While men’s participation increases, women - who were formerly more inclined to participate in noninstitutionalised forms of engagement - are less likely to become active in these forms in times of economic hardship.

Conference name: GESIS Conference ‘Values, Crisis and Democracy’

Location: Cologne, Germany

Start date: Sep 26, 2013

Type: Paper

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