English title: Immigration–Religiosity Intersections at the Two Sides of the Atlantic: Europe and the United States

Author(s): Teresa García-Muñoz - Shoshana Neuman -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


This chapter explore the intertwined relationship between immigration and religiosity in Europe and the USA. Starting with (1) the current religious landscape and projections for the future, they continue with (2) the religiosity of immigrants compared to natives, and they move on with (3) the religiosity of immigrants and their integration; the relevant question being, is religiosity a 'bridge' or a 'buffer'? The authors lastly compare the two continents of Europe and the USA. The main conclusions are that: immigrants are indeed more religious than the local populations, leading to major changes in the future religious landscapes; and while in the USA the religiosity of immigrants serves as a 'bridge', in Europe it has mainly the function of a 'buffer'.

From page no: 331

To page no: 352

Anthology: International handbook on the economics of migration

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