English title: Work and childbearing intentions in a capability perspective: young adult women in Sweden

Author(s): Susanne Fahlén - Livia Sz. Olah -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


This chapter examines the interrelation between institutional context, employment situation and childbearing intentions among young women in Sweden, a country with extensive policy support for women and men combining work and family responsibilities and widespread egalitarian gender norms. Our analyses show that childless women with weak labour force attachment and/or working very short part-time have limited capabilities to be both earner and carer, indicated by reduced childbearing intentions given eligibility rules to social benefits for parents. Childbearing intentions of mothers who most likely are qualified for income-related leave benefits do not indicate constraints to extend their family, linked to either labour market participation or work hours. For them reconciliation policies seem to have successfully reduced the tensions between work and family responsibilities.

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Anthology: Childbearing, women's employment and work-life balance policies in contemporary Europe

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