English title: Trust and legitimacy across Europe: a FIDUCIA report on comparative public attitudes towards legal authority

Author(s): Jonathan Jackson - Jouni Kuha - Mike Hough - Ben Bradford - Katrin Hohl - Monica M. Gerber -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2013


FIDUCIA (New European Crimes and Trust-based Policy) seeks to shed light on a number of distinctively ‘new European’ criminal behaviours which have emerged in the last decade as a consequence of both technology developments and the increased mobility of populations across Europe. A key objective of FIDUCIA is to propose and proof a ‘trust-based’ policy model in relation to emerging forms of criminality – to explore the idea that public trust and institutional legitimacy are important for the social regulation of the trafficking of human beings, the trafficking of goods, the criminalisation of migration and ethnic minorities, and cybercrimes. In this paper we detail levels of trust and legitimacy in the 26 countries, drawing on data from Round 5 of the European Social Survey. We also conduct a sensitivity analysis that investigates the effect of a lack of measurement equivalence on national estimates.

Edition: 0

Institution: LSE Research Online

Number of pages: 41

Number: 0


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