English title: Improving surveys with paradata: Introduction

Author(s): Frauke Kreuter -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2013


The analytic use of paradata offers an additional tool in the survey researcher's tool box to study survey errors and survey costs. Paradata capture information about the data collection process on a more microlevel. Paradata that capture the minutes needed to interview each respondent or even the seconds it took to administer a single question within the survey would become the metadata information on the average time it took to administer the survey. Paradata are not the only source of additional data used in survey research to enrich final datasets and estimates. Researchers also use what they call ‘auxiliary data’. The keyword auxiliary data are used to encompass all data outside of the actual survey data itself, which would make all paradata also auxiliary data. Paradata are available during data collection and can be used to monitor and inform the collection process in (almost) real time.

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Anthology: Improving surveys with paradata: Analytic uses of process information

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