English title: The assessment of social cohesion and social exclusion in the Netherlands

Author(s): Hans Schmeets - Moniek Coumans -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2013


In the Netherlands, topics related to social cohesion, such as various aspects of participation and trust, are high on the political agenda. The bottom line is a widespread feeling that social cohesion in Dutch society is eroding, which is also reflected in a perception of a change from a high trust into a low trust society. Based on large-scale surveys, we found no empirical evidence for a decline in participation (since 1997) and trust (since 2002) levels (Schmeets & Te Riele, 2013). Furthermore, the differences between subpopulations remained rather stable. We further investigated whether some people are socially excluded and developed an index based on four distinguished dimensions: (1) participation; (2) material deprivation; (3) the access to basic rights; and (4) value orientations. The four dimensions were covered in the 2010 EU-SILC by adding some 20 questions on basic rights and value orientations. A total of 4.2 percent of the adult population show very low scores on at least two of the four distinguished dimensions to assess the socially excluded.

Conference name: UNESCO workshop on measuring and assessing inclusive social

Location: Paris

Start date: Mar 25, 2013

Type: Paper

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