English title: Exploring Predictors of Marriage in Albania: The Role of Education, Social Support, Media Exposure, and Religiosity in the 2012 European Social Survey

Author(s): Timothy Hagen -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2016


Strong marriages are an asset to society. They are a context in which human and social capital can be developed, which in turn foster the development of other types of capital. However, few studies have explored the predictors of marriage attitudes in Albania. In order to better understand the impact of the hypothesized predictors of media exposure, social support, religiosity, and education on attitudes toward sexuality and marriage in Albania, this study used data from the 2012 European Values Study in Albania. The study found that media exposure positively and significantly predicted a history of cohabitation, that social support and educational attainment negatively and significantly predicted a history of cohabitation. Furthermore, it found that educational attainment also significantly predicted attitudes toward homosexuality, with religiosity marginally predicting such attitudes. These findings point to the need for more research to better understand what influences attitudes toward marriage and sexual behavior in Albania and in turn inform possible interventions to encourage relationship choices and behavior most conducive to human well-being.

Conference name: New Ideas and Generations of Regional Policy in Eastern Europe

Location: Pécs, Hungary

Start date: Apr 7, 2016

Type: Paper

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