Макропсихологическая ситуация и толерантность/интолерантность в России и других европейских странах

English title: The macropsychological situation and tolerance/intolerance in Russia and other European countries

Author(s): Ilya Zelenev -

Language: Russian

Type: Journal article

Year: 2015


The macropsychological situation in Russia, in comparison to that of other European countries, is analyzed according to a wide range of characteristics with the aim of evaluating the situation in this country. Findings of the project «The European Social Survey» have been analyzed in connection with social moods which, by means of value oriented involvement, affect political orientations which manifest themselves in electoral preferences. Groups of countries with similar political situations were identified. The findings are illustrated on the example of the events of the last few years in Hungary (which falls into the same cluster as Ukraine and Russia) with emphasis on electoral preferences of the majority of the population which revealed themselves during the parliamentary election in the process of voting for the right-of-centre and the ultra-right candidates. The author analyzes specificity of the situation in Russia and a high degree of intolerance which may have a negative effect on further developments.

Volume: 0

Issue: 6

From page no: 68

To page no: 84

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Voprosy psihologii

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