Fakte Euroopa sotsiaaluuringust: Eesti elanikud ei karda, et sisserändajad nende töökohad ära võtavad

English title: Facts from the European Social Survey: Estonians are not afraid that immigrants are taking their jobs

Author(s): Ave Roots - Mai Beilmann -

Language: Estonian

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2016


In European Social Survey 2014 people were asked whether they think that immigrants take away jobs from natives or they rather create new ones. Compared to other European countries, Estonia ranks in the middle. 29 per cent of the Estonian respondents believe that immigrants take jobs away from natives, 40 per cent think that they rather create new jobs, and 31per cent are in the middle of those two positions.

Date: Jun 8, 2016

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Newspaper/magazine: Novaator | ERR

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