English title: Trust and Social Classes in Russia and Nordic Countries

Author(s): Harri Melin - Raimo Blom -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2014


Trust and Social Classes in Russia and Nordic Countries Sociological studies have shown that economic and social inequalities are increasing everywhere. Studies have also shown that there is a strong connection between generalized trust and equality (Wilkinson&Pickett 2010). Comparative evidence indicate that strong social institutions prevent free riding and other similar problems. The Nordic countries are in many respect good examples of generalized trust, well functioning social institutions and equality. On the other Russia is an example of low trust, weak institutions and inequalities. However there are clear differences between different social actors both in the Nordic countries and in Russia. In the paper we ask what is the role of social class in this respect? what kind of differences there are between social classes and trust? Can we find one Nordic model, or are there different models? What are the main differences between Russia and the Nordic countries? Our paper is based on 2010 European Social Survey data.

Conference name: XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology

Location: Yokohama

Start date: Jun 13, 2014

Type: Paper

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