English title: The relationship between values and white-collar crime.: Basic human values as predictors for risk of individual white-collar offending–Evidence from Sweden.

Author(s): Mikael Goossen -

Language: English

Type: Thesis / dissertation

Year: 2014


This is the first systematical test of the relationship between basic human values (Schwartz, 1992) and white-collar crime. The data used is a country specific (Sweden) subset sample of the European Social Survey, round 2. Due to measurement problems, only 7 value constructs could be submitted to testing. The dependent variable used answered the question whether respondents had, or had not, committed any of four types of white-collar crime within a period of the last five years. Using logistic regression models the bivariate relationships between each value construct and white-collar crime was calculated, controlling for gender, age, education and socio-economic status. Additionally, the higher-order value types stipulated by value theory (Schwartz 1992) were submitted to testing using the same approach. Results reveal all values except hedonism and all higher-order value types to be statistically significant in their respective relationships with the white-collar crime variable. The values of power/achievement, stimulation and self-direction, as well as the higher-order-types of self-enhancement and openness-to-change, relate in a positive manner; increasing odds of white-collar crime prevalence. The values of universalism/benevolence, tradition/conformity and security, as well as the higher-order value types of self-transcendence and conservation, relate in a negative manner; decreasing odds of white-collar crime prevalence. These results provide evidence of basic human values and higher-order value types being suitable predictors to be included in any model trying to account for variation in white-collar offending.


Awarding institution: Umeå: Umeå University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology

Number of pages: 0

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