English title: Social Policies for Old Age: A Story of Shifting Images and Time Lag

Author(s): Kathrin Komp -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2014


Population aging pushes aging policies up the political agenda and poses new challenges to them. These policies currently need to accommodate a growing number of older people and the increasing healthy life expectancy. Therefore, most Western governments are currently evaluating and reforming their aging policies. In doing so, however, policy-makers are not only guided by empirical facts on old age and by the welfare state design but the image of old age also exerts an influence. Policy-makers need to balance the empirical facts against images when designing aging policies. Moreover, they need to do this while ironing out time lags, which emerge because of the different speeds at which the situation in old age, the image of older people, and aging policies change. This chapter discusses social policies for older people, focusing on the roles of shifting images and time lag.

From page no: 305

To page no: 320

Anthology: Health and cognition in old age: From biomedical and life course factors to policy and practice

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