English title: Measuring “Total Net Household Income” in Interviews with an Emphasis on Comparative Social Surveys

Author(s): Jürgen H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik - Uwe Warner -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2014


In social surveys income is an indicator of the socio-economic status. It is used as an explanatory variable in mobility studies and as a social-demographic background item in inequality research. In most cases, information about the income brackets in which the net household income is located is usually enough for a comparative analysis of social structure. The respondent's socio-economic position is determined by the access to the monetary resources of the household. This paper shows how the answer quality of the “total net household income” question depends on the data source about the national income distribution used to design the answer categories offered to the respondent.

Conference name: Q2014 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics

Location: Vienna

Start date: Jun 2, 2014

Type: Paper

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