English title: Mirror, mirror on the wall: am I young or am I old?

Author(s): Daphne Nicolitsas -

Language: English

Type: Conference paper/poster

Year: 2014


The views of society at large regarding age thresholds are likely to influence the extent to which age limits will be revised. Our attempt to document the views of society, using the European Social Survey (ESS) data, suggests that both within and between country differences are significant. The task (only started) is to understand the determining factors of both within and between country variations. While institutional variables (official retirement age), demographic features (old age dependency ratio) and labor market outcomes (employment rates) appear associated with the degree to which suitably qualified individuals are accepted at the workplace significant within and cross-country differences remain.

Conference name: New Measures of Age and Ageing

Location: Vienna

Start date: Dec 3, 2014

Type: Paper

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