English title: Dwelling type and quality of life in urban areas: evidence from the European Social Survey

Author(s): Nessa Winston -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2014


Much of the literature on sustainable communities and compact cities calls for higher density housing. However, case studies suggest that there can be problems with multi-unit dwellings. Problems identified include inadequate space, noise pollution, suitability for families and children, and a lack of personal green/outdoor space. These studies raise questions about the quality of life, life satisfaction and liveability for its residents. Some suggest that residing in these dwellings is likely to be short-term, that those who can do so relocate to lower density housing over time. However, rigorous comparative research on this topic has not been conducted to date. This paper draws on comparative data from the European Social Survey to analyse: the quality of multi-family dwellings in European urban areas; the characteristics of residents of these dwellings, and their quality of life compared with those living in detached housing.

Edition: 0

Institution: University College Dublin

Number of pages: 24

Number: 0

Series: Research Repository UCD

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