English title: The impact of Survey item characteristics on mode-specific measurement bias in the Crime Victimisation Survey

Author(s): Dirkjan Beukenhorst - Bart Buelens - Frank Engelen - Jan van der Laan - Vivian Meertens - Barry Schouten -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2014


The interaction between survey item characteristics and survey mode is investigated in terms of measurement bias. For this purpose a typology of survey items was constructed. Mode-specific measurement bias was estimated using a large-scale mixed-mode experiment linked to the Crime Victimisation Survey 2011. This experiment consisted of a randomized allocation of sample persons to the four survey modes web, paper, telephone and face-to-face. A multi-level model is used to explain the mode-specific measurement bias for a set of approximately 125 items from the Crime Victimisation Survey.

Edition: 0

Institution: Statistics Netherlands

Number of pages: 0

Number: 16

Series: Discussion Paper

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