English title: Economic or Cultural Threat? Orientations towards immigration and European integration among EU citizens and national parties over time

Author(s): Monica Poletti - Martha Regalia -

Language: English

Type: Report, working paper

Year: 2014


The recent Lampedusa tragic events have brought the attention once again to the fact that addressing immigration issues is critical for the future development of the European Union project. During the last decades, immigration became increasingly salient for the entire European Union. The net number of immigrants has kept growing for years (Figure 1). Even today, although the global economic crisis drastically reduced job opportunities and the well-being of European societies, immigration from less developed countries has not stopped, sometimes at the price of hundreds of lives of people trying to reach EU boundaries in search of a better life.

Edition: 0

Institution: KING - Knowledge for INtegration Governance

Number of pages: 0

Number: 5

Series: KING Project – Political Science Unit

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