Fakte Euroopa sotsiaaluuringust: eestimaalased peavad sisserändajate puhul oluliseks Eesti elulaadi omaksvõttu

English title: Facts from the European Social Survey: Estonians expect immigrants to be committed to way of life in Estonia

Author(s): Mai Beilmann -

Language: Estonian

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2016


In ESS Round 7, people were asked how important they think different things should be in deciding whether someone born, brought up and living outside their country should be able to come and live there. It turned out that Estonians consider very important that immigrants are committed to way of life in Estonia. Work skills needed in Estonia and good educational qualifications are important as well.

Date: Apr 20, 2016

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Newspaper/magazine: Novaator | ERR

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