English title: The Environment, Health and Well-being

Author(s): Kati Orru - Antti Roose - Mare Ainsaar - Ronald Gutman - Martin Gauk - Hans Orru -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2015


People who are in a disadvantaged economic situation, and who have weaker links with society as well as poorer health, are more vulnerable to both socioeconomic and environmental risks and therefore, they feel these effects more acutely. More attention should be paid to the fact that environmental issues may aggravate the existing social issues. Third, social developments, including urbanisation and increased pressures on green spaces, population ageing and the resulting increase in the incidence of chronic illnesses (as well as the increase in the proportion of highly sensitive people who are more vulnerable to environmental factors), may amplify the negative effects of environmental health factors. Accelerating urban sprawl without long-term strategic planning will turn cities into focal points of many environmental and health problems. This will pose a challenge to urban and suburban planners who have to consider the well-being and health needs of different groups of society and the provision of ecosystem services

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Anthology: Escaping the Traps? Estonian Human Development 2014/2015

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