English title: Albanian Reality In Anticipation Of Receiving The Invitation Of Being An European Union Candidate Place

Author(s): Eneida Hoxhallari -

Language: English

Type: Journal article

Year: 2014


The Albanian journey towards European integration has started since 1991 with the overthrow of the communist political system and the establishment of a democratic political system. The prerequisites are the same for Albania: efficient state administration, powerful legal state, improvement of conditions for economic growth and expansion of regional cooperation. To have a better image of the social, economical and political situation in Albania, in this paper have been used important records obtained from the European Social Survey (ESS). This survey is implemented in 30 European countries. The European Social Survey took place for the first time in Albania in December 2012-February 2013. This paper studies the link between Albania and European Union. It analyzes some important topics through which the relationship of Albania with the European Union sometimes became close and sometimes shows a gap in between. Some data taken from the European Social Survey might be interesting in revealing the actual situation of Albania, its steps toward the European Union integration.

Volume: 23

Issue: 2

From page no: 19

To page no: 26

Refereed: Yes


Journal: Revue Européenne Du Droit Social

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