English title: Contextual Influences on Subjective Well-Being of Young Ethnic Minority Russians in Estonia

Author(s): Larissa Kus -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2014


This chapter aims at examining the adaptation and identity struggles of Russian youth in postcolonial Estonia. The historical context of power reversal when roles between the former dominant group (Russians) and the oppressed group (Estonians) have been exchanged provides a unique acculturation setting for the investigation of adaptation and well-being of minority youth. Historical developments constitute an integral part of the present minority group adaptation and interethnic relations in general in Estonia. Three studies are introduced in this chapter examining determinants of subjective well-being (satisfaction) of Russian youth over different time periods.

From page no: 235

To page no: 258

Anthology: Global perspectives on well-being in immigrant families

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