English title: Well-being in Socio-Political Context: European Welfare Regimes in Comparison

Author(s): Teemu Kemppainen -

Language: English

Type: Book (monograph)



Using survey data (ESS3), this study analyses how well-being is distributed across the social structure in European welfare regimes. Four indicators of well-being were chosen for multilevel analyses: economic hardship, sickness, societal pessimism and social recognition. The results mostly show that well-being is to a significant extent conditioned by the position one occupies in the social structure and by the welfare regime one lives in. The distribution of life chances across the social structure varies between country groups due to different approaches to welfare policy. The Eastern European regime is generally characterised by relatively frequent ill-being on almost all dimensions included in the analysis. Economic hardship is prevalent in these nations, especially among the unemployed. In fact, unemployment is a major risk factor for economic hardship in all regimes. The Nordic regime is distinguished by low rates of ill-being in virtually all dimensions, but the relatively high sickness rate is an exception: poverty in particular exposes to sickness in the Nordic world of welfare. The link between vulnerability and societal pessimism is rather typical for both the Eastern European and Continental European regimes. Poverty makes future views bleaker in almost all country groups, whereas immigrants are generally less pessimistic. However, in the Nordic regime an immigration background seems to be, to some extent, an adverse factor as regards well-being. Poverty, unemployment and loneliness are associated with low recognition. Living in the liberal welfare regime and being poor or unemployed is the combination that most severely exposes its occupant to the demoralising experiences of low recognition. Welfare regimes are more than just systems of benefit allocation and service production – culture matters as well. Key words: well-being, welfare state, poverty, unemployment, respect, social exclusion, social indicators, Europe

City: Helsinki

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789516699007

Number of pages: 93

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