Kiezen bij de kassa. Een verkenning van maatschappelijk bewust consumeren in Nederland

English title: Choosing at the checkout. An exploration of political consumerism in the Netherlands

Author(s): Peggy Schyns -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



Not buying certain clothes because their manufacture involved child labour; deliberately buying organic eggs based on a desire for chickens to have better lives; sharing a car with the neighbours to protect the environment; or buying fewer products across the board in order to reduce one’s own ecological footprint: more and more Dutch people are basing their consumer choices not just on price, quality and utility, but also take into account ecological, ethical or political considerations. They are involved in political consumerism. In this conceptual and empirical exploration we describe what we understand by this phenomenon and look at the different forms it takes, how widespread it is in the Netherlands and who are political consumers (and who are not). The study is based on a literature review, surveys, monitors and interview material. This study forms part of a series of SCP publications focusing on sustainability, including the Netherlands Sustainability Monitor (Monitor Duurzaam Nederland 2014: Verkenning) (2014) and the essay Nature and Culture (Natuur en Cultuur) (2014).

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037707090

Number of pages: 119

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