Burgermacht op eigen kracht? Een brede verkenning van ontwikkelingen in burgerparticipatie

English title: Power to the People?

Author(s): Pepijn van Houwelingen - Anita Boele - Paul Dekker -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



Politicians have recently begun showing great interest in the independence and responsibility of citizens. The Dutch Speech from the Throne in 2013 even asserted that ‘the traditional welfare state is slowly but surely changing into a participation society’. In this publication we are interested in two movements in this context: developments towards greater independence of citizens – which we refer to as ‘self-reliant civic participation’ – and developments aimed at exerting more or more effective influence over collective decisions; we refer to this as ‘policy-influencing civic participation’. What have been the main trends in the Netherlands in recent decades and what are the biggest differences in civic participation and participation goals? What have been the main experiences in Dutch municipalities which are strongly committed to participation reform, and how do the public view these local practices? What form does civic participation take in a number of potentially interesting cases which have taken place in earlier times and elsewhere, and what are the main correspondences and differences compared with the Netherlands today? To answer these questions, this report presents the results of new empirical research in five small pioneer municipalities in the Netherlands, and places the current drive for participation in the Netherlands in a broader historical and international perspective.

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037706352

Number of pages: 266

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