Verenigd in verandering

English title: United in Change

Author(s): Hanneke Posthumus - Josje den Ridder - J. de Hart -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



The importance of citizens who unite in civil society organisations is broadly recognised. Organisations bind people to each other, to the community and to the political system. How are civil-society organisations in the Netherlands faring? Is there any truth in the sombre predictions that large organisations are in difficult times and are losing more and more members and donors? Or is the picture more optimistic and is there still a vital and broad-based civil society in the Netherlands? This study addresses this question for large civil-society organisations (more than 50,000 members). It examines a wide array of organisations, from charitable organisations to sports federations, and from consumer organisations to political parties. Questions addressed include how member and donor numbers have developed over the longer term (since 1980) and in the shorter term (since 2009, following the onset of the economic crisis); and how organisations themselves perceive the changes with which they are confronted. Special attention is devoted to three organisation types that have seen their memberships shrink over recent decades: political parties, trade unions and churches. How do representatives of these organisations view this development? Do they still see a future for themselves and for the membership model?

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037707250

Number of pages: 232

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