Burgerperspectieven 2015 | 4. Kwartaalbericht van het Continu Onderzoek Burgerperspectieven

English title: Citizens’ Outlooks Barometer Quarterly 2015/4

Author(s): Paul Dekker - Rozemarijn van Dijk - Pepijn van Houwelingen - Wouter Mensink - Yvette Sol -

Language: Dutch

Type: Book (monograph)



The Citizens' Outlooks Barometer (COB) brings together the findings of quarterly surveys based on questionnaires and focus groups. Key aspects are citizens' satisfaction with and expectations of society and politics. Among the topics covered in these surveys are political confidence and cynicism, the support for Europeanisation, subjective happiness and citizenship.

City: Den Haag

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9789037707724

Number of pages: 54

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