English title: Baking the ESS: A Slovak recipe with a 10-year perspective

Author(s): Denisa Fedáková - Michal Kentoš - Jozef Výrost -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2015


Chapter 9, presented by Denisa Fedáková, Michal Kentoš and Jozef Výrost is a departure from empirical and methodological parts of this volume. This chapter is a report on the experience of conducting the European Social Survey in Slovakia. All three authors have been coordinating the ESS in Slovakia since 2003 and this tenth anniversary seems an appropriate time to re-evaluate this work and to highlight some fieldwork aspects that have been changed, improved, restricted or implemented and, moreover, how those involved have been taught to carry out the survey based on rigorous procedures in survey design, data collection and data archiving. First, general information about the history of the latest surveys is mentioned, followed by a description of the launching of the ESS in Slovakia. Second, the chapter addresses the survey methodology aspects such as sampling, interviewers’ characteristics, response rates and non-respondents. Third, experience from event (contextual) data monitoring and analysis is described, along with dissemination activities by the Slovak national team. Finally, the fieldwork procedures and changes to them are discussed with emphasis on their applicability and utility.

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Anthology: Hopes and anxieties. Six waves of the European Social Survey

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