English title: Empirical test of political dealignment in European countries

Author(s): H. Domański - Artur Pokropek - Tomasz Żółtak -

Language: English

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2015


In Chapter 3, using data containing information on voting behaviour in elections, the reader will find whether such a tendency has been present in the face of reconfigurations taking place in the growing European Union. Henryk Domanski, Artur Pokropek and Tomasz Zóltak apply a multinomial multilevel model to show that class membership still exerts a significant impact on voting behaviour. Although some changes in these associations had taken place, “class” membership appeared to be no more significant as a determinant of voting behaviour in 2012 than in 2002. Moreover the patterns of this association (which class votes for which party?) remained basically unchanged in that representatives of higher managers and professionals predominated in the electorate of the “rightist” parties, farmers voted for “peasant” parties, and the working class was politically indifferent.

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Anthology: Hopes and anxieties. Six waves of the European Social Survey

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