Fakte Euroopa sotsiaaluuringust: eluga rahulolev inimene ei pea tingimata õnnelik olema

English title: Facts from the European Social Survey: Person who is satisfied with his life does not necessarily have to feel happy

Author(s): Anu Realo - Liisi Kööts-Ausmees - Jüri Allik -

Language: English

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2015


Across European countries, positive emotions are generally positively associated with life satisfaction, whereas negative emotions are negatively associated with life satisfaction. However, analysis of European Social Survey data shows that the contribution of positive and negative emotions to life satisfaction varies significantly across countries. Positive emotions matter less in determining life satisfaction in countries which score higher on the Human Development Index. Cultural values – specifically the extent to which people value survival, i.e. physical and economic security over self-expression – may also be important. Life satisfaction tends to be more strongly dependent on positive emotions in European countries which place greater emphasis on survival than in countries where self-expression is more highly valued. However, a lack of negative emotions appears to be equally necessary for being satisfied with life regardless of whether countries score high or low in terms of survival/self-expression.

Date: Aug 23, 2015

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Newspaper/magazine: Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR)

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