Fakte Euroopa sotsiaaluuringust: venekeelsed elanikud on tugevamalt sõnavabaduse piiramise vastu kui eestikeelsed

English title: Facts from the European Social Survey: Russian-speaking Estonians are more strongly against the restrictions of freedom of expression than Estonian-speaking inhabitants

Author(s): Piret Ehin - Mai Beilmann -

Language: Estonian

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2015


Approximately two-thirds of both the Estonian- and Russian-speaking population of Estonia considers it important for democracy that everyone is free to express their political views openly. However, Estonian-speaking respondents tend to think somewhat more often than Russian-speaking respondents that those who hold extreme political views should be prevented from expressing them openly.

Date: Jul 24, 2015

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Newspaper/magazine: Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR)

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