Fakte Euroopa sotsiaaluuringust: Eesti elanikud taunivad maksudest kõrvale hoidmist, kuid petavad sellest hoolimata

English title: Facts from the European Social Survey: Estonian residents condemn tax evasion, but cheat despite that

Author(s): Ave Roots - Mai Beilmann -

Language: Estonian

Type: Newspaper/magazine article

Year: 2015


The European Social Survey data reveals that, on the one hand, Estonians are among the European nations who condemn tax evasion most strongly, but on the other hand, they admit more often than other Europeans that they have paid cash with no receipt so as to avoid paying VAT or other taxes. However, the data does not reveal whether Estonians are really more likely to cheat with taxes or are they just more honest about their misbehavior than other European nations.

Date: Jun 26, 2015

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Newspaper/magazine: Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR)

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