English title: Health and Medicine in Transition

Author(s): Mirjana Ule - Brina Malnar - Slavko Kurdija -

Language: English

Type: Book (monograph)



Apart from extensive theoretical discussion on the role of medicine in the context of the so-called medicalization of society, the book offers comprehensive empirical analysis of public attitudes towards personal health, health system, doctors, prescribed and alternative medications, as well as toward social inequalities in health. The analysis is based largely on the Slovenian public opinion survey and the European social survey. At the theoretical level it discusses the boundaries of the role of medical knowledge which are increasingly being set by politics and capital, and not by inherent logic of the medical profession and science, a process which may ultimately undermine medical knowledge itself. Some experts have observed that the development of the field of medicine is going in the direction of a greater possibility of routinisation and even concluded that medicine is being proletarised. The more technical medical practice becomes, the more its exclusiveness and prestige are reduced. The authors conclude that focusing health policy measures on individuals’ attitudes to health and on the doctor-patient relationship would be an erroneous strategy. The key factor in reducing the insecurity of individuals in such an important field as health is equal access to health services. Equality can be achieved by providing more support to the most vulnerable social categories, and not with the simple provision of formal equality and even less so with the liberalisation of the health care system.

City: Vienna

Edition: 0

ISBN: 9783901941443

Number of pages: 205

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