Podminky pro realizaci vyberovych setreni v Ceske republice

English title: Conditions for conducting sample surveys in the Czech Republic

Author(s): J. Krejci -

Language: Norwegian

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2004


The study recaps major conditions bearing upon the quality of sample surveys in the Czech Republic. It addresses the tradition of surveys, the breadth and depth of the expert background, the market environment and competition, the possibilities of applying adequate methods for representative population surveys and the measure of willingness of the public to participate in such surveys. The goal is to provide a brief overview of the situation, provide an international comparison and address some options how to face existing unfavourable conditions. The social survey industry in the Czech Republic is quickly developing but the field is liable to a handicap following from the negative developments in the past. Social sciences still represent a negligible fraction of the total research sector. Nonetheless, there is a large domestic market with strong links to global economic competition. Furthermore, the ability to reach the Czech public for survey purposes has decreased. What is problematic is an access to sampling frames, the willingness of the public to participate in surveys and the possibility to contact selected respondents have decreased. Similar problems are, however, not unknown abroad and a number of countries are currently battling such problems as well. The international comparison of conditions is based also on the ESS data.

From page no: 67

To page no: 86

Anthology: Kvalita vyzkumu volebnich preferenci (The Quality of Surveys on Electoral Preferences)

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